An away from home work-table and a long overdue desk chair

Posted By on January 21, 2024

Really this is to archive a few project ideas (below the break) for Taylor. He is a Mid-Century Modern lover and has consistently focused his decorating with this kind of taste.New inexpensive desk chair for the condo If dollars didn’t limit his shopping, I think he would be living in a Frank Lloyd Wright home and have it decorated with a bunch of furniture from the 1950s! 

On the more cheap “form follows function” side, I needed something more than a simple chair to sit on when I’m away from my home office. Even when we are at the condo, I do spend a significant amount of time sitting at my mini-desk and investing/trading station. Part of it is that I’m still handling a handful of CPP customers when it comes to printing and mostly server needs … andPurchase Chair from Amazon part of it is that I’m not really comfortable retiring just yet. 😊 

So … I found an inexpensive smallish desk chair that isn’t all that bad. It was an Amazon buy with a markdown and promo discount that triggered a buy. Probably could have done better if I were to shop around, but really just wanted a more comfortable desk chair with flip-up arms.

Below are a few Mid-Century Modern ideas for the woodworking projects archive


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