Legal questions require lay people to dig deeper: Amicus Brief

Posted By on February 20, 2024

As a non-lawyer and someone who rarely finds a reason (or interest) in learning about our legal system, discussions arise and certain terms batted around that require more understanding. Last week it was the term Amicus Brief so figured it was worth adding to as a “tidbit“… not that anybody reading really wants to know! 🙃 

What Is an Amicus Brief?

An amicus brief is a legal document filed in appellate courts intended to assist the court by offering additional relevant information or arguments the court may want to consider before making its ruling. Amicus briefs are filed by amicus curiae—Latin for “friend of the court”—a third party who has a special interest or expertise in a case and wants to influence the court’s decisions in a particular way.


Amicus Brief on ThoughtCo website


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