Sloothing a college friend, a shoe throwing incident and a seagull

Posted By on February 11, 2024

While on vacation and walking the beach, Brenda threatened a bird with her sandal who was boldly getting a little to close to her while we were snacking on a granola bar. I laughed at her as the thought about ONE of the Christmas break trips to Florida with my college and a memory came rushing back. I had to relay it to Brenda BEFORE she threw her sandal. If my recall is correct, one of my friends, Doug Fitch (we called him “Frog”), threw his shoe at a seagull; it may have injury it, but we really don’t know since it did eventually flop away down the beach — so … Brenda kicked sand and decided not to throw her shoe (the Pelican and birds below were at risk, but I wanted an excuse to include the video)! 😊

As we talked about it, Brenda mentioned that she didn’t remember Doug? He was one year younger than Jerry, Don, Dallas and myself, but a really great guy next to live next to and hang out with in Founders Hall at ONU. The age/class difference would make him two years behind Brenda at the Raabe School of Pharmacy, so she would probably not have known him.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I decided to do some internet sleuthing after remembering he was from Crestline, Ohio. Doug Fitch from the Fitch Pharm Farm websiteI figured he might have landed back in his home area since he had a serious girlfriend and close relationship with his family. Sure enough, it looks as if he ended up founding the “Fitch Pharm Farm” outside of Ashland, Ohio. I enjoyed reading the history … very cool.

Hm … it might be a great place to take the granddaughters or meet Katelyn and family to learn about Maple Syrup and buy some Ohio milled pancake mix (would be great to send some to Jerry Moody too)! 

Fitch Pharm Farm website


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