Pondering the Presidential Election on November 5th, 2024

Posted By on March 5, 2024


The presidential election for 2024 is nowhere close to being certain (7 months away), but it is looking more and more like a repeat of 2020: President Joe Biden (81) and Donald Trump (77) Passive Dog… an election for the aged.” 😉 

Outkick.com host and WWE wrestler, Tyrus made an interesting analogy last week comparing the likely upcoming presidential contenders to a couple of dogs, particularly as it relates to our country’s national security:

One is an old dog, who has seen better days, and the other an angry yard dog … Growling German Shepardwho barks and snaps at everything. Tyrus commented (paraphrased):

The old dog is the type who watches as thieves breaks into your house and is too tired to move and just watches.

The other dog is an intimidating yard dog who growls and barks at everything, even if it is someone just walking nearby. Those approaching sense that this dog might bite anyone who might even consider breaking into your house, so they instead give him a wide berth.


Something to think about as November 5th draws near. 


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