Moving ahead a little bit with the mini split AC installation

Posted By on June 15, 2021

NewCork_MiniSplitAC210612_aniThis past weekend I moved forward in getting the mini split AC unit installed in my home office. I started the planned chair rail  and cork wall (insulation, sound deadening and a place to pin maps, etc). I’m not sure about the can of worms I’ve opened, but I spent half the day on Saturday hauling “junk” out of my office. From holiday décor and seasonal stuff “stuffed” in the closet to boxes of books, papers, magazines and gadget boxes. One has to wonder why I’ve kept so much stuff over the years?

Still though after tossing a lot, I’ve managed to keep way too much that I just moved into the guest bedroom for now. The big question is whether I’ll find the time and ambition to finish the cord wall, build the corner cabinet, fit the crown moulding and paint the walls and trim? If that were not enough, Brenda would like me to tackle some kind of laminate wood flooring rather than carpeting … then extend the look to a guest bathroom remodel and guest room.


Music Monday: B.T.O. – Roll On Down The Highway

Posted By on June 14, 2021

Bachman–Turner_Overdrive_sOnce again, Music Monday highlights another 1970s Canadian rock and roll band and a song from the greatest music decade (IMHO). HA! If you’re not turning up the volume or moving in some way when listening to this song, you’re probably not alive.

Anyway the bumper music on a business news show triggered the Bachman-Turner-Overdrive (B.T.O.) 1975 song “Roll On Down The Highway.”

  Bachman Turner Overdrive – Roll On Down The Highway | 1975

Books: Brave By Faith by Alistair Begg

Posted By on June 13, 2021

BraveByFaith_Begg2021The current pile of books to read is too high for my nighttime side table;  I think I need to move a few to my office … or better yet, finish reading them!

Since Alistair Begg is a favorite teaching pastor of ours (Parkside Church was our home church when we lived in NE Ohio), I opted to include his new book Brave By Faith in a pile of tiny gifts to Brenda for our anniversary last weekend. She really liked the “wooden” rose (petals made of woodshop shavings) and of course Good & Plenty licorice candy … but I think both of us will enjoy reading Alistair’s new 2021 book.

Those who know me are familiar with my double-duty gift giving so there’s no surprise in buying a book that we’ll both read.

WW2 Aviation History: Why are F4U-1 Corsairs so taped up?

Posted By on June 12, 2021


corsairzeroillustrationWell talking to Taylor at his birthday dinner, I mentioned someone posted a photo of a WW2 Vought F4U Corsair and asked about the “stripes” … or duct tape … on the cowl in front of the pilot. The answer from a researcher below is a great aviation tidbit for those with a curious mind for military history (see answer below).

Also … Japanese pilots regarded the US Marine and Navy’s Corsairs the most formidable American fighters of World War II. U.S. aviators achieved an 11:1 kill ratio against Japanese pilots and planes.

Every time I see a picture of an F4U Corsair, they frequently have white stripes in front of the cockpit windscreen. These appear to surround the fuel tank and maybe are tape of some kind. Can you tell me their purpose?

Bob Hewitt

? ? ?

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

Among the many problems that turned up in operational F4U-1 Corsairs was a leaky fuel tank, which was located between the pilot and the engine for the most favorable center of gravity. Corsair pilots I spoke to said that a virtually universal practice to keep the windshield clean was to seal the fuselage panels with strips of white tape. The oil on the cowling flaps also leaked, spattering the windshield and also affecting visibility, hence the upper cowling gills were fixed shut and they were eliminated entirely on later models.


Jon Guttman
Research Director
World History Group

Annalyn’s imagination and critter ‘picture week’ at our house

Posted By on June 11, 2021

When Annalyn and Ellerie were visiting in May, she helped me get out my live trap to “relocate” a raccoon or two (or more?) that has been climbing up on our house. Annalyn is so inquisitive and a real thinker when it comes to learning about something. AnnalynImaginationRedTailShe was so attentive when I showed her how the live trap worked and what I baited it with … then watch Drew and I put it up on the back porch roof.

I’ve also learned from past experience to use a rope to lower the cage off the roof as the frustrated and sometimes angry critter (be they raccoons, possums or skunks – don’t ask, but click link if you need an explanation!) Anyway, I had a red rope on the trap and she could see this from the ground, but unbeknownst to me, her imagination ran wild and the next day she though the long red rope was some kind of long critter tail from an animal she couldn’t see in the cage (it was still empty). As an adult, I assumed she understood it was just the rope, but according to Katelyn, the “red tail” continued to haunt her after they returned home.

The trap has been doing its job, unlike the smaller one that can’t seem to outsmart the chipmunks, as the second raccoon of the week has been trapped. They seem to enjoy the chunk of corn on the cob and peanut Raccoon2_210608butter crackers. Which reminded me of doing this trapping up in the attic once upon a time. Little did I know how fierce they were in a live trap and how those little claws can grab through the trap screen while I tried to figure out how to navigate on a ladder through the tiny access hole with a 20 pound hissing and grabbing raccoon wiggling around in a trap. Even my welding gloves were not enough to make me feel safe!

Since I’m on the subject of critters, the robins are growing and the mourning doves are still posing for the Canary cam every day.


EDIT 6/11/2021: Since I wrote this post a few days ago, there have been attempted flights by the baby robins on our back porch. One has left the nest and made it to a window sill … but refuses to move or try flying again.


We celebrated Taylor’s 32nd Birthday in Cincinnati for dinner

Posted By on June 10, 2021

RichTaylorBrenda32Birthday210609We had a great time celebrating Taylor’s 32nd birthday last night after work at Pepp and Dolores restaurant in Cincinnati thanks to Megan. Brenda and I enjoyed PeppDeloresBarMenu210609arriving a little early and sitting at the bar talking with the bartender while sipping some Italian wine. We ended up TaylorMeganPeppDelores210609discussing menu since she wasn’t overly busy. The restaurant opened December 2020 just before COVID19 shut them down, so it was nice to see the restaurant thriving and the staff back now that they are fully open again. It was a surprise to us that this was Megan and Taylor’s third time there. It seems they really enjoy the appetizers and have a pretty good handle on the menu. 


Who knows when we are closing in on a stock market top?

Posted By on June 9, 2021

LittleBookValueInvestingWhen it comes to investing, I’m primarily a “value investor” who relies on fundamentals, but as for “trading,” which I have tinkered with for 30 years now, I’m an advocate self imposed rules and focusing on channel trading. Of course there are zillions of gurus boasting how they have perfected buy and sell signals, I continue to remain skeptical that any “trading system” is foolproof.

In other words, who really knows when it is time to buy and time to sell … or what kind of outside event will trigger the next crisis … or bailout will degrade our dollars buying power? About all we can do is to gain an edge on things and looks at statistical odds and use a little common sense in determining that markets seem a bit out of whack. You would not be alone in wondering when the pendulum will  swing in the other direction once government support and the Fed’s easy money policies disappear. Only a true MMT-er believes government can debt fund forever without consequence.

I saw this S&P 500 vs Morgan Stanley’s Market Timing Indicator interesting … and like every indicator these days, I get nervous about holding even dividend paying values stocks as we continue to see the indexes climb. 


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