Happy Birthday Annalyn. Thinking about my granddaughter.

Posted By on March 4, 2021

Annalyn putting on her Frozen (the Disney movie) Birthday dress last weekend

Why do so many on the political left deride America?

Posted By on March 3, 2021

OWS Vaccine Timeline ALTERNATE Design v7If all we do is listen to those who spew negativity and show distain for America, we might miss the fact that the US through Operation Warp Speed in coordination with private companies, have given us a COVID19 vaccine to its citizens and to the world in record time. In keeping with countries which have embraced free enterprise, liberty and through capitalism reward entrepreneurs … democratic republics once again lead the world in innovation and finding cures.

Below is an end of February 2021 chart comparing the immunization progress … and although there is always room for improvement, socialist countries aren’t nearly as prosperous or efficient as those built on freedom.


Don’t let those who continue to deride the United States and the steady improvements in our quest for a “more perfect union.” Our founders deserve respect and our history should be both taught and learned. Don’t hate our country or fundamentallychange America (and there are days I feel like this UK guy on YouTube).

Celebrating Ellerie (1) and Annalyn’s (4) Birthdays in Toledo

Posted By on March 2, 2021


It has sort of become a tradition to celebrate birthdays in Toledo with the Oostra family. We certainly enjoy getting together with everyone and regularly reflex on just how blessed we are as a family. I mentioned to Brenda that one of the greatest blessing in my life was marrying into the Howard family … and I feel that same way for Katelyn and the Oostra family.



Music Monday: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show video. Yikes!

Posted By on March 1, 2021

drhookaniThere are some 1970s songs that I’ve listened to and heard again and again over the years, but never really given much thought to what the band When_You're_in_Love_with_a_Beautiful_Woman_-_Dr._Hookmight have looked like performing on stage?

 Dr. Hook (& the Medicine Show) happens to be one of them … and I didn’t follow  the group or know much of their music. I do remember “When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman” and a couple other Easy Listening songs. Now that is not to say, many of us looking back at old 1970’s photos, let alone video, didn’t think “Yikes!” once in a while … but this 1978 music video does stand out a bit to me and so figured it would make for an interesting late Music Monday post. 

MyDesultoryBlog maintenance and WordPress 5.6.2 update

Posted By on February 28, 2021


Just marking server and blog updates to end the month of February 2021. I’ve put this WordPress 5.6.2 update off a few weeks in order to be sure I had a full backup, etc.

Note to self, check on the Seagate hard drive attached to the iMac as Time Machine backups have been regularly failing – could be a power issue???

Encore diesel repair and last minute haul out in February 2021

Posted By on February 27, 2021

EncoreHaulout210224This past week was a semi-rushed haul out week for Encore in Florida. I headed south for 3 days of work on the “running hot” Volvo diesel auxiliary, as my assumption was that the heat exchanger was plugged up/calcified and needed to be taken off and cleaned (something I’ve never done). I met a friend who does diesel work down at the dock and previously ordered the assortment of gaskets AND a new thermostat.

The heat exchanger definitely needed to be replaced, but the real problem was the plugged elbow returning coolant to the overflow tank. After running it under load, the rubber gland stuffing box boot (Volvo dripless seal) starting leaking and would not stop. I added some grease using the McDonald’s straw technique which helped the shaft drip, but the boot clamped to boat leak would not stop. In fact, might be getting worse???

So the correct decision was not to put off hauling out and instead see if I could get an emergency haul out. I could then move the boat to the non-work storage area to dry out and the later prepare for new bottom paint, zincs, a cutlass bearing (after inspection) and hopefully get the new Volvo stuffing box boot and correct grease ordered. There is never a dull moment.

So the new goal is to plan for a little out of water time, some TLC (buff and wax) and maybe entertain selling the boat before going back in the water? (a lot depends on how Brenda’s back and eventual surgery can return her mobility to full heath … not to mention sailing safely and my concern over her limited arm/shoulder???)

Friday Filler: A little duct tape humor (quack, quack) 😉

Posted By on February 26, 2021


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