This is why we own shares of Pepsi $PEP and Coke $KO #TBT

Posted By on June 13, 2019

We have so many cans (mostly Brenda’s Diet Pepsi, but plenty of my Diet Mountain Dew as well) is almost embarrassing how I take aluminum cans to a local recycling center. It is even more eye-opening to “see” just how much pop (soda) we buy and consume! How is it possible to drink this many cans of carbonated soft drink … even though I did try to switch several times?


And it is not like this is a new addiction … no, we’ve been drinking pop from aluminum cans for 40 years and the consumption level is significant. I’d estimate that between the two of us, we likely drink 10 cans each day … although I’m slightly lower than Brenda only because I drink a couple cups of coffee each day …where she is only Diet Pepsi. We both need to work on it … but for now stay invested in $PEP and $KO!

EDIT – also triggered a Throwback Thursday #TBT memory:

We had an old barn back when we lived in Hudson, Ohio. Besides the pop/soda Brenda and I would drink, I would also bring home the cans from the employees at my office and started storing them in the barn. Eventually the quantity grew and I decided to offer them to a Boy Scout troop as they were raising funds for camp or whatever. When they arrived with their trailer, their eyes grew big and it was as if they had hit the jackpot. Hilarious reaction!


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