Music Monday: “God Only Knows” – Beach Boys

| January 15, 2024

After watching a couple wildcard playoff NFL blowout games over the weekend, a Music Monday song was triggered during a wrap up after the Green Bay Packers smoked the Dallas Cowboys to move on to San Francisco. The Packers were the underdogs by nearly all the analysts, but even as a young team, they did […]

Music Monday: Henry Gross singing Shannon in 1976

| December 26, 2022

Who doesn’t love those “one hit wonders?” Henry Gross had one call “Shannon” in 1976, which is probably why I remember it. It was a #1 hit in Canada and New Zealand, but reached #6 in the U.S. on Billboard Hot 100. It was played on the SiriusXM’s 70son7 channel last week and triggered a […]

Music Monday: Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA” – Huarache Sandals

| February 7, 2022

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Music Monday: The songwriting gift that is Brian Wilson

| August 30, 2021

Who doesn’t know who Brian Wilson is or love his many decades of music … especially with The Beach Boys (even my kids played them on our amplified Echo and dance around a week or so ago)? 😊 I stumbled across his timeline on the which highlights each decade with photos and highlights. A […]

Music Monday: The Beach Boys, “Fun, Fun, Fun” and some R & R

| May 3, 2021

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