Music Monday: “It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day!”

| March 4, 2024

A vacation duplicate (realized after the fact) of the 1972 song “I Can See Clearly Now” recorded by the late Johnny Nash (1940-2020). As I mentioned before, “it was enjoyed by my parents as well as my generation … and likely is still appreciated by today’s current generation?” Personally I never gave much thought to the […]

Archive: Some family time with our granddaughters

| November 30, 2022

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Archive: Enjoyable condo cleaning and NFL playoff football

| January 26, 2022

Brenda and I stretched out a cooler than expected weekend in Florida to get the condo ready for our Canadian renters. It worked out nicely since we had enough sun to start in order to go to the beach and plenty of time over the weekend to clean things up AND watch some excellent NFL […]

Friday Filler: Splashing morning sunshine

| October 22, 2021

Just a very short 10-second video slow-motion snippet as a Friday Filler post and to say “good morning.” /p>

Music Monday: Johnny Nash recorded “I Can See Clearly Now”

| March 8, 2021

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Music Monday: Sunshine (go away today) by Jonathan Edwards

| July 23, 2018

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