What do you know about Social Security Disability?

| April 11, 2013

If you are the average healthy American who is working or independently seeking a job, you might be as unknowledgeable as I am when it comes to knowing anything about government benefits. I’ve generally assumed that those who are “disabled” are not capable of functioning or were disabled on the job due injury. What I […]

What do the unemployment numbers really mean?

| October 5, 2012

The unemployment numbers were released this Friday morning and looked 4 tenths better than August (7.8% from 8.2%) drawing suspicion from those who suspect a political conspiracy. Since the numbers are generated in questionable ways including phone polls, who knows? This is still good news for President Obama who will who will point to economic […]

The long term unemployment problem in America

| January 10, 2012

A WSJ article illustrated what economists monitoring the U.S. employment market have known, but have failed to communicate successfully; we as a nation are on a long-term trend of  fewer decent paying middle class career jobs with dim prospects unless things change. (we deny it, make excuses and kick the can down the road just […]

US Has 3.2 Million Job Openings Unfilled

| October 10, 2011

Brian “Sully” Sullivan, one of my favorite reporters and business news anchors who is now on CNBC, wrote and interesting post that addressed  unemployment, growing the economy and the correct way to increasing tax revenues — “all without spending a dime of taxpayer money.” The point of the article is that of the 14 million […]

About the only thing “certain” is that tax rates are “uncertain”

| September 23, 2011

Much of the political debate coming from Washington DC is focused on cutting the deficit, reforming the tax code and generating more revenue for the federal government. Hopefully those who currently pay federal income taxes (only 52%) are going to be given the loudest voice, but that may not be the case now that we’re […]

Interesting statistic, but does it applied to the current recession

| September 1, 2010

[flv:FN_OreillyStossel100831.flv 480 255] Hopefully listening, reading and keeping an open mind to a variety of opinions — Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and even Socialists — will give me informed opinions when I head to the polls to elect a representative. Last night an interesting statistic was toss out by self-professed Libertarian John Stossel – it was […]

Playing politics with the unemployed

| July 20, 2010

Politicians in Washington DC seem to spend more time looking to gain political points on the back of those who are jobless than fixing the problem … part of which they, big government, creates. The Republicans in attempting to turn the focus on fiscal responsibility want to see and extension of unemployment benefits ‘paid for’ […]

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