Ohio Biodiesel Grassroots gathering

Posted By on September 26, 2005

Tony HispieThank you Tony Hispie of Worthington, Ohio (photo) for putting together a first Ohio Biodiesel get together at his home. Everyone enjoy the informative time together; it was impressive to see so many people anxious to talk “Biodiesel.” I had an opportunity to demo the titration section of the gathering of over 50 people. The weather was a tad rainy as the gathering started but finished dry and comfortable. There is a group photo available for those interested over at the CinciTDI website’s biodiesel section.

BubbaSmokinBubba (see Ohio section of Biodieselnow.com) and his family went overboard in setting up and explaining the ‘appleseed’ processor. His pre-processed tankful of biodiesel was a great way show how well the $25.00 Harbor Freight pump worked in filling up his mist washing tank. (and the shower demonstration was good too! You had to be there.) The mist washing was excellent as was his extra labor in preparing KOH for those looking to purchase along with kits. IMHO his local provisioning of kits for people needs to be supported by people in our area as Bubba has done much of the legwork in pricing. (although Maria Alovert [GirlMark] wasn’t here … she would have been proud of the gathering reminiscent of her own. For those wanting her book … check this link.)

Check out the Link “Biodiesel FAQ” by Graydon Blair for some quick answers to biodiesel and homebrewing.


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