TDI NewBeetle gets 78MPG !

Posted By on September 8, 2005

Ernie's Winged BugAlthough I was not at the 2005 TDIFest in Wisconsin this year, I took advantage of the TDIClub website to catch up on things. One of the unique looking TDIs was Ernie Roger’s New Beetle. Ernie, a retired aerospace engineer, created a … for the lack of a better word … ‘spoiler’ for the back of his car to improve aerodynamics. His one tank trip from “just outside Park City to Davenport, Iowa — 1,209 miles — on a single tank of gas.” Calculating his mileage, he was able to log 78MPG. Impressive if you can take the attention. 🙂

Winged Bug

You can read more in an article that was published in the Utah Deseret Morning News.


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