VW TDI: Bengalmobile

Posted By on October 7, 2005

The excitement in SW Ohio is already starting for the Cincinnati Bengal faithful. After a stellar 4-0 start the fans are anticipating great things from this confident group of players. A huge credit has to go to the outstanding performance of the defense; they have never had an offensive killing defense capable of generating turnovers like this group. The Bengals defense has had the best start in their history, allowing only 38 points while the offense has racked up 104 points only four games into the season. Team and fan confidence is high … we have a WINNING attitude. Is it to early to begin thinking postseason football???

Interestingly, a fellow TDI driver, Ralph Wirth and owner of QuadPit.com a graphics company in Jamestown, Ohio, has graphically enhanced his VW TDI Golf. Outstanding job of showing Cincinnati Bengals football excitement.

Dan Bengals FanOn a Personal note: I’d love to decorate a friends car for his next tailgate party ‘in Cleveland, Ohio.’ Dan is ‘huge’ Cleveland Browns fan and would enjoy having a little color “exactly like the one above” on his prize VW TDI named “Spot” … I can just see his tailgate buddies ‘green’ with envy! All in good fun ‘Speedo Dan.’


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