VW Race Touareg 2

Posted By on November 21, 2005

The cross country rally team at Volkswagen unveiled its improved Touareg 2 at the German Essen Motor Show this past weekend. The new Race Touareg 2 will be VW’s entry in the 2006 Dakar Rally. The new model is built on its race proven predecessor and has undergone improved suspension and and increase of engine power. TDI Diesel power of course … this this time to the tune of a TDI producing 275 hp. The race will be an African desert run from December 31st to January 15th over a distance of almost 6000 miles. The race combines 5 driver and co-driver combinations and requires talented driving to get both speed and survivablity from their vehicles. More information can be found at www.volkswagen-motorsport.info.


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