Cincinnati in the national spotlight again

Posted By on April 13, 2006

ObaViolence with an uncomfortable reminder once again erupts in recovering Cincinnati. Just when residents seemed to be working together to mend the real and perceived problems in this racially sensitive city gunfire is heard on the steps of city hall (actually record ‘in’ city hall). Citizens, neighborhoods, city hall and the police department have all worked hard to discuss differences and listen to one another. One voice, although not always passive, was that of Michael Bailey (or General Kabaka Oba) who was critically shot today outside of city hall. His recent tone has been ‘friendlier’ toward the Cincinnati police which often has been a target of his criticism.

BeattyThe incident happened just after he attended a meeting at city hall today, where he was shot multiple time in the legs, arm and chest. According to his brother, he is still critical condition, but resting comfortably. After police receive a solid ID on the shooter from the victim himself, Howard Beatty of the West End turned himself in to police. Bailey and Beatty have had several verbal confrontations to the point it is being described as a ‘feud.’

Thankfully today’s violence was contained to this event between two men and that the community seems to understand that it is not ‘riot’ worthy. (but I’m not holding my breath; we have our share of idiots)

Another note semi-worthy of being mentioned is that Ohio is one step closer to passing Jessica’s Law. A popular Cincinnati area radio celebrity, Bill Cunningham – AM 700 WLW, was interviewed on the O’Reilly Factor tonight. He was asked to voice his thoughts on the subject of why most of the newspapers of Ohio seem out of step with the voters in supporting Jessica’s Law and taking such a soft stand on Judges unwilling to come down hard on sexual predators. (see previous post and post) I’ll include a clip with his thoughts. (BTW: I’m testing a capture from my Slingbox while away from home — how’s the quality?)

O’Reilly with Bill Cunningham


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