EIA estimates Summer Fuel prices

Posted By on April 11, 2006

The EIA (Energy Information Administration) released estimates for summer fuel pricing this morning and its not good if you are a summer driver of either gasoline or diesel vehicles. (see chart below)

According the the EIA release, “continued steady world oil demand growth, combined with only modest increases in world spare oil production capacity and the continuing risks of geopolitical instability, are expected to keep crude oil prices high through 2006.”

  • Summer (April 1 to September 30) regular gasoline pump prices are expected to average $2.62 per gallon, 25 cents higher than last year’s average of $2.37 per gallon.
  • Retail diesel prices are also expected to average $2.62 per gallon, 3 cents higher than last years average of $2.59 per gallon.
  • EIA Summer Fuel est.


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