My Mac has been Window-ized

Posted By on April 18, 2006

BootcampSince taxes are finished, I finally had a few minutes to tinker with Apple Computer’s beta software called ‘Bootcamp.’ It worked like a charm … with the only glitch being my lack of planning in sizing the Windows NTFS partition bigger than the default size. Oh well, I’ve been considering an external harddrive linked to my new Mac Mini Intel Duo core anyway.

The installation took me about an hour with another half hour to set up my desktop and install the mac drivers that are automatically created when you run the bootcamp installer. I proceeded to set up the built-in wireless network connection, added Avast security protection, Thunderbird for email and Firefox as a browser — both open-source options from I set up a separate gmail account for that machine which I will do my best to keep semi-spam free.

I’m running a very large monitor (1680 x 1080) and Windows on the Mac Mini video driver was as sharp if not sharper than on the Mac OS. I then downloaded the java plug-in and did a speed test which seems to be at least as fast as my wireless notebook. I do believe the Safari browser running on the Mac OS X (Tiger) is by far the fastest internet experience I have seen. So far the tiny little MacInTel Mini looks to be the fastest computer I own even beating the Pentium 4 Linux /Windows dual boot PC. (perhaps because the new Mac isn’t overlooked with memory hogging software?)

Enough for now, but so far I’ve been very impressed. For those of you considering a new computer, you might want to seriously consider an Intel powered Apple Computer. More to come ….


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