Windows on a Mac: The Movie

Posted By on April 19, 2006

Someone asked me a bunch of questions about running Windows XP Pro on a Intel based Mac, so instead of just answering them, I’ll include a video clip. Several of the questions were about boot speed and comparisons, while others were general install comments.

The video clip should cover the speed issue and differences in booting either operating system, but I’ll address a couple of the negatives. First, only Mac applications written for the Intel CoreDuo are going to be ‘really’ fast and at this time there are only a few. In the video I tried to show the difference between Safari and Firefox … huge speed advantage for Safari. Also, Windows runs Firefox faster … and loads noticeably faster than on the Mac OS. Second, a real downer is the partitioning thing. Its not going to be easy to just seamlessly use files from one partition to the other. Third, you must shutdown and reboot every time you want the other operating system. Ugh. It will be nice when it is just a hot-button switch apart.

And without further comment — roll the movie. 🙂


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