Screech! Immigration bill flounders in Senate

Posted By on April 7, 2006

I spoke to soon in my complementary post in regard to Washington DC and our elected senators last night. Today the idea of a compromise seems to have disappeared and stonewalling is coming from both parties. So much for believing there was some sanity in Washington.

WASHINGTON, April 7 (Reuters)
U.S. senators failed on Friday to agree on a plan that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance for citizenship, leaving the fate of a radical overhaul of immigration policy in doubt.

Democrat and Republican leaders had agreed to a compromise on Thursday and predicted wide approval for the bill over the opposition of some Republicans who called it an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But the measure was shelved ahead of a two-week congressional break amid partisan bickering over amendments, possibly dooming efforts to pass comprehensive reform before the November mid-term elections.


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