A nation of unrest … filled with a bunch of immoral idiots

Posted By on June 2, 2020

Well so much for the pre-posting yesterday’s Music Monday “So Quiet In Here” … before the Minneapolis George Floyd killing subsequent protests … and ensuing riots and crime spree. I suppose we all knew, that with all the divisive politics, we’ve been living either next to or in inside of a powder keg (especially if you’re part of a large city).

The “bunch of immoral idiots” subject line was not chosen flippantly (moral: relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior). Minneapolis-riotSadly it is an accurate description of the America we are seeing displayed. The peaceful protests … including words and signs … quickly gave way to destructive behavior. No doubt outside American-hating groups took advantage of those who were angry, but there is still “no excuse” for what we’re seeing in so many U.S. cities night after night. “Behavior” that ALL should know is unacceptable is way too tolerated by those participating (rioting, throwing bricks, fire bombs, looting, burning, spray painting and destroying other peoples property). Why do so many people behave like this?

A few thoughts:
Long gone are the days where most Americans were taught right from wrong by nearly institution. Consequences for deviate behavior is tolerated and accepted. Parents, role models, families, churches, schools, lack of corrective behavior (discipline) targetlootingand “tough on crime” policing no longer dominate society as it once did. Politicians from both sides and the media seem to go out of their way to trigger distrust and hate towards those who differ from their ideology. Wouldn’t it be be better to spend more time trying to unify people … and yes that includes the president. Social media which one would think would “shame” people for misbehaving, instead celebrates their barbarism. Some of these rioters boldly steal and threaten property owners guarding their businesses and life’s work. There was a time when even criminals  would draw the line and not tempt law enforcement to arresting them … but for some reason, this “immoral idiots” show no fear?  It is sickening to me to see selfies as if to say “look at me, rioting with my fellow hoodlums” knowing the police have been told to stand-down. We’re pretty screwed up all the way around.

Of course, very few of us will agree on the answers, even if we can agree that the riots have distracted us from the racism and policing event that triggered it. Instead we hunker down either excusing it as “understandable anger”  or thinking that stronger deterrents would prevent the widespread destruction. Both thoughts sound pretty naïve after watching neighborhoods burned and livelihoods destroyed. I do know that permissiveness is not working and isn’t a solution, but I’m not sure that deterrents would work either – love to give them a try though. (deterrents worked for me when dad took my driving privileges away when I came home 10 minutes late on a Saturday night – I can hear him saying it now, “nothing good happens after midnight”).

One thing is for sure in our current situation, a harsher penalty for committing crimes, along with a heavier hand from law enforcement would reduce the property damage and better protect the good citizens. Unfortunately it’s not a fix. Until society decides we want our children to be instilled with right and wrong from day one, these kinds of “immoral idiots” will continue to be a U.S. problem. And don’t even get me started on domestic terror groups …


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