Sgt. Begge: A man of character

Posted By on June 29, 2006

Begge and President Bush JoggingUS Army Staff Sgt. Christian Begge lost his right leg at the knee and his left leg just above the ankle after two IEDs exploded near his Humvee in Iraq about a year ago. On Tuesday this week he went running with President George W. Bush at the White House in Washington, D.C. fulfilling a promise after a visit a Brooke Army Medical Center in January.

Bagge’s true achievement is not that he is running with President Bush, but his dedication and positive outlook told life. Words can tell only so much, but listening to him speak (see video clip below) shows what an incredible man he is. Begge admits that he just wanted back the normalcy of his daily routine. He says, “its been an extremely long journey to this point” because he “wanted to do everything he did before.”

We all need stories like Bagge’s in a world full of pessimism as it reminds us that true strength of character comes from within. It not only helps the injured to recover and conquer the next hurdle, but it is uplifting to everyone when this positive outlook and attitude is displayed.

I admire the mental and physical strength of Sgt. Christian Begge to be able to recover to the point he can run with the President, but even more the fact that his tour in Iraq, the terrorists IEDs and his long recovery did not shake his outstanding character is something I truly admire.

President Bush and an American Optimist – FoxNews


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