NASA doin’ the “Ernesto Shuttle” with Atlantis

Posted By on August 29, 2006

Alantis move indoors After beginning to move Atlantis toward the assembly building this morning at 10am, NASA officials have changed their mind due to tropical storm Ernesto’s westernly path. They are now returning the Shuttle Atlantis to Launch Pad 39B. By around 8 p.m. EDT tonight the move back to the pad should be complete and and “mission managers are confident in the ability of the rotating service structure to protect the vehicle on the pad.” Leroy Cain, launch intergration manager, indicated that earlier today (Tuesday) that the “forecast was just not quite good enough,” but that with the change in predicted path that the winds should not be a problem. At 2:40 pm the Shuttle Atlantis began the return trip to the launch pad atop the crawler transporter.

Current projections on Ernesto has the ‘tropical storm’ hitting the Florida Keys around midnight with winds predicted around 55mph.
Ernesto predictions 9 hrs out


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