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Posted By on August 8, 2006

Sky Yatch
Sometimes it just too easy to kill a hour or two reading off the wall Popular Mechanics style projects online. I occasionally read a fairly new online publication called Makezine. I couple of projects stand out for their innovation and their craftmanship. The first one is a “lighter than air” electrically powered (eventually) airship call the Sky Yatch. Its basically a steerable hot air balloon with a trike and electric fans for mobility. It will be interesting to see how well it operates.

Second is an aviation grandpa’s (or dad in this case) specialty project: A 1/3-scale fiberglass replica of the A-4 Skyhawk and painted to look like the jets that the Blue Angels precision flight demonstration team flew in the 1970’s. Its it impressive from the photos see below, or even more impressive from Mr. Everett’s site.
Skyhawk project photo

Skyhawk project photo 2


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