Borealis III readies for World Solar Rally

Posted By on September 15, 2006

Borealis III and team from UNM
I commented back in July and updated in August, on a solar racing team from the University of Minnesota that was heading to Taiwan for a World Solar Rally. I been monitoring and receiving updates from them regularly as they unpack their equipment and Borealis III entry. (vehicle and team in Taiwan above)

The group seems excited to be traveling in Taiwan and have commented as their concerns, one being some rule interpretations which include drivers must wear a fire retardant suit which the UMN team didn’t have. (haven’t heard final outcome on that) The most recent comment came from a team member who has updated me regularly on their ‘van’ drive of the overall rally route. I’ll include Adem Rudin’s comments below:

Over the past two days, we’ve been driving along the three-day race route in one of our vans. All of us are in agreement that the countryside is beautiful. The first day’s route takes us down the southern coastline almost all day, while the second heads up into some mountainous territory to the north, and the third day descends back down to the northern coast and then back to Kaohsiung University. We had a a great time just taking in the sights and snapping pictures. The changes in terrain means that each day has it’s own special challenges. Day one is mostly uphill on tight, two-lane roads, day two is steep uphills and even steeper downhills on wide open four-lane freeways, and the third day is generally flat.
We can’t wait to get out on the road and see what we (and Borealis III) can do.


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