A Friday night ritual before the game

Posted By on September 15, 2006

Michael, Kara and Taylor prep for the gameThis getting painted and dressed for our local Lakota East High School football game is starting to become a superstitious ritual. Four games into the season our local high school is now 2 – 2 thanks in part to team spirit — well I’m not sure about that. Nevertheless, the past couple Friday nights a few guys have donned paint and school colors in cheering their team on for a win; its working I think? Lakota East handily defeated Milford 34 – 0 tonight and last week neighboring Mason. I’m not sure we can attribute the win to ‘dressing up,’ but having school spirit certainly doesn’t hurt. Next weeks game is at Fairfield and looks to be a challenge as they their High School football seriously. (Here’s a good site for Lakota East scores and short comments check here)


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