Citgo gets the boot by 7-Eleven

Posted By on September 27, 2006

CitgoVenezuelan-controlled Citgo Petroleum Corporation is being dumped as gasoline supplier for the convenience store operator 7-Eleven according to a statement released by the company. This is a major chance for 7-Eleven since the two companies have had close relationship considering Citgo has supplied 7-Eleven’s 2,100 locations for 20 years. The action comes only a week afterw derogatory comments were made by President Hugo Chavez toward the President of the United States. In a speech delivered to the United Nations Chavez went so far as to refer to President Bush as “the devil.”

Earlier this year, the conservative American Family Association pushed boycott action against Citgo due to it being a Venezuelan government controlled company who’s President openly chastised American and its President. The attention and ongoing feud between countries, and more accurately ‘leaders,’ generated some comments on this blog back in March of 2006.


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