New Cingular Palm Treo 750 spotted

Posted By on September 23, 2006

Treo750The folks over at Treonauts forum sleuthed some new photos of the much talked about antenna-less Treo 750. The phone itself is said to reflect the desire for a sleeker full feature PDA/Phone and will be first introduced running the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, hopefully followed by Palm OS. The network will be initially Cingular which is GSM and should be available soon. (September 2006 release we’ve been told) The screen is 240×240 pixels the same as the Treo 700w , but slightly lower than the 320×320 on the Treo 700p. (Palm OS) The 750 sports a thumb-board and touchscreen like all the Treos and has 60MB of built in memory with a miniSD slot available in the side of the phone. (see previous photos) The processor is a Samsung 300 MHz similar to all newer Treos and the connections offer 3G networking speeds in areas where it is supported. (384 kbps) The camera is a 1.3 megapixel with video capability which is unfortunately still not acceptable quality in my opinion. According to GSMArena the standard 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery should offer up to 240 hours of standby time and 4-1/2 hours of talk. No matter which way Treo lovers look at this new offering … its only a baby step.


  • What do you think is the best treo type phone out there right now? There’s also the Motorola Q, and the Cingular 2175(I think is the model). I need to upgrade to one of these pretty soon.

  • I’m bias … as I have always had a Palm OS based something. (pda or pda/phone) I’m not sure there is a best at the moment. I would have liked to wait a bit longer myself for a smaller, lighter and thinner smartphone with a ‘real’ camera and not the tinker toy one on all US phones. But it sounds as if you are in the same boat as I was.

    I’ve not used the Motorola Q (nor is it available on my network) but it looks to have the best form factor at the moment. I suppose the best approach is to first decide which network you’ll need to be on as that will limit your phone choice. Second … budget might restrict which ones you can even consider. Third what do you need it for? Phone, PDA, Camera, Email, Web, other apps, ‘latest gadget must have?’

    I was a little bit of all the above … but the list was made easier in that I played with my wife’s Treo that had a thumbboard while my Samsung Palm OS i500 didn’t. I used mine phone for 3 basic things: 1) a cell phone, 2) a database for client info, etc and 3) connecting my notebook computer to the internet while traveling to check email. Those were my three known criteria …others were all extras.

    So .. first I tried the EVDO service (high speed data) offered by Sprint with the PCMCIA card in my computer. It worked well but was going to be a separate $60 plan on top of my existing phone; I returned it. The old Palm Treo 650 didn’t have EVDO so waited for the Palm Treo 700p which does. The Pros are that it tethers well for data/email to my notebooks, great battery life compared to my Samsung i500, has plenty of data space for my client info with a SD card too and works well as a phone … giving me a new feature I didn’t know I ‘had to have’ … that of Bluetooth and pTunes mp3 player.

    Cons: Its a brick, the camera is lousy but better than most, its a brick, it runs Palm OS which is missing a few need Window apps but more stable, its a brick, has a protruding antenna, its a brick, require screen protection where my other was a flip phone, its a brick, and isn’t the greatest for email, websurfing or running productivity application better suited for full sized computers … Oh and did I say, ITS A BRICK!
    Good luck … but my advice in this case would be to wait a little longer if there is anyway possible.

    PS. I have also found myself using SMS more than I ever have … I kind of like it and it would very well on the Palm Treo 700p.

  • Whoops I meant the Cingular 8175. I want something that has a good camera and can play mp3’s really is my only requirement. Too bad they don’t really sell the Sony Ericsson K790a anymore. I may just get a Sony Ericsson W810. I really want all the other gadgets associated with a palm or windows phone, but i don’t know how much i would use them.

  • Nevermind I found my next phone. Just have to wait a little bit even if i have to import and an unlocked one.
    nokia N95

  • I don’t know Erik … if … IF … you can get it, its going to be $700! Nice but too nice for a phone.

  • Well I’ll justify it by saying then I won’t have to buy a digital camera. It would probably be about $250 for a 5 megapixel camera so now the phone is only $450.:)

    And there are tons of places to import these things from, or ebay too. I used to have a Sharp Zaurus Linux pda I imported from Japan.

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