Slinging coming to Mac, Symbian and PalmOS

Posted By on October 2, 2006

Some of you might have remembered reading my comments on Sling Media and the very cool Slingbox. The device hooks up to your home or office broadband network AND to a cable tv signal and transmits television (or even DVR recordings) over the Internet through proprietary software where ever you decide to connect. (the faster connection the better) Interestingly, with the advent of high speed data plans and video capable phones offered by cellphone companies, it possible to start ‘slinging’ to a phone.

About 6 months ago Sling Media offered their software for Window Mobile devices like the Motorola Q, Palm Treo 700w and others. Palm OS and Symbian devices heard very little about ‘slinging’ on devices running their operating systems … until now. It looks as if Sling might be working on something as we speak. The folks over at Engadget just posted an ‘update’ after talking to Sling and they indeed confirmed that their will be a Symbian and a Palm OS player for the Slingbox. What they have concluded is that the the Mac client will come first, followed by the Symbian client within 30 days and finally a Palm client in the fourth quarter. I will anxiously await this new client for my Palm Treo 700p and post as so as I get the beta running. (I’ve been on the beta list at Sling Media since May!)
Slingbox box with logos


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