2008 VW Tiguan diesel announced for the US

Posted By on December 4, 2006

Tiguan 2008 Diesel
Big news for VW diesel lovers … according to an article in Autoweek, Volkswagen plans to sell the new Tiguan small SUV with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine the US. The estimate is towards the end of next year and is said to be slated for all 50 states. With this small diesel SUV, Volkswagen will be in the unique position of having the only product to compete in the small SUV segment. (ie. Jeep Liberty CRD is no longer being offered)

Autoweek states that “VW unveiled a concept version of the 2008 Tiguan TDi last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show” and that “the engine is the next generation of VW’s long-running diesels and features a new common-rail, high-pressure fuel-injection system and several emissions components that use Bluetec technology.” This new vehicle is set to debut next fall with the gasoline engine, to be followed by the diesel in the US. Great news for all of us wanting a few VW diesel options.
Behind the rear seat
EDIT: 12/5/2006 – There was a question as to space behind the rear seat and decided to add this photo. Again … see links above for additional photos and remember that the eventual ‘stock’ version will probably have an interior similar to existing VWs. Also I thought the YouTube clip was worth posting?


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