Senators politely grill Dr. Robert Gates

Posted By on December 5, 2006

It was an interesting day for Dr. Robert Gates nominated to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, as he carefully handled
Dr. Robert Gatesquestions from committee senators during today’s confirmation hearings. I found his candor surprising considering he was appointed by President Bush. His comments did seem middle of the road since when asked if “we were winning in Iraq” his answer was a single word — “no.” He was given a brief amount of freedom by Senator Lieberman to offer some thoughts on working toward unity if we were to be successful in an overall struggle against terrorism. He suggested that bipartisan support was needed much like we had during the long running cold war with the Soviet Union.

Another interesting segment is included in this 9 minute clip below in response to some pointed and speculative questions for Senator Byrd. Its worth a listen … I’m curious how support for his nomination is running nationally? I find it difficult to believe his confirmation will be held up, but with the political winds blowing in this country, anything is possible.


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