Review: Metalmanparts VW TDI Timing Belt Kit

Posted By on December 19, 2006

Its about time for my 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI to receive her new timing belt. As I close in on 100,000 miles the recommended services is to replace not only the timing belt, but the serpentine belt, the
idler rollers and the water pump. Thankfully the later models come from the factory with a long life belt, because the service is not for the average weekend mechanic … although will the video information available at CinciTDI or information on the TDIClub it is do-able. Normally I would recommend ordering the deluxe package sold by Jim at Dieselgeek which is an excellent kit, but this time decided to take a friends advice and try Metalmanparts (Marquette Automotive) — thanks Bruce. Currently there is about a $30 difference between the two, the Metalmanparts kit being $305.00.

The Metalmanparts kit also includes a quart of G12 antifreeze, but it does not include the proprietary Dieselgeek water pump removal tool. (see DieselGeek)

Exclusive Water Pump Removal Kit:Oftentimes the water pumps on the new style TDI engines are hard to remove from the engine block due to a tight fit, corrosion, and water pump O-rings that like to stick to the engine block. We here at have had a screw set custom-made that make the extraction of these difficult water pumps MUCH easier. To use the water pump removal screws, first simply remove the three black 7mm screws holding the water pump to the engine block with a 10mm socket and ratchet. Next, for best results, apply a generous amount of grease the threads of each of the three water pump removal screws. (It doesn’t matter what kind of grease you use and the screws will usually work without grease.) Lastly, using an 11mm or 7/16” inch socket, tighten the three screws evenly into the three water pump mounting holes. The water pump will be conveniently and easily pushed out of the engine block by the screws. (quoted from website)

The 31 parts came packaged securely and everything seems first rate. (click on the photos for large versions)
I placed the order online, paid with paypal and received a prompt email back that everything would be shipped the next day. Metalmanparts shipped the carton UPS and it was delivered from Sunbury, Pennsylvania to Ohio in two days.

Injection pump sprocket bolts, motor mount stretch bolts, harmonic balancer bolts, valve cover 5 mm allen bolts and even three extra T20 Torx screws for the lower engine cover are included. All in all, I have no reservations recommending either Dieselgeek or Metalmanparts as a company to purchase the Volkswagen TDI timing belt kits.


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