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Posted By on December 18, 2006

iTalkSloooow down … it hasn’t been announce just yet (1PM EST), but the rumors are swirling that today, Monday December 18th, Apple Computer might just announce a long anticipated combo phone and media player. I’m not sure what it will look like, but was surprised to see that Cisco/Linksys has a VOiP phone call the “iPhone.” I suspect that a few see the “iThis” and the “iThat” as Apple product? Nevertheless, most in the industry are calling whatever is coming from Apple the “iTalk” … which I believe is pretty much confirmed? Interestingly I did spot this interesting ‘concept’ advertisement. I’m not sure its what I want, but design wise … its something only Steve Jobs and Apple Computer could pull off.

EDIT 12/19 – Nothing as of yet. If the rumor of an iPod phone interests you, here is an interesting link.


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