Fuel pump price increase at 1:30PM today

Posted By on June 18, 2007

Unleaded Gas fillup June 18, 2007Since I’m in town, I decided to pinch pennies and fill up the Honda Pilot before the 1:30 PM price increase; I was notified on my cellphone by the Meijer Gas Price Text Alert service. (also used four $1 off coupons accumulated by grocery shopping at Meijers) I’m finding the ‘warnings’ a help and a frustration depending on if I need gasoline or am in town. Nevertheless, knowing when fuel prices are going to jump does make one smile, especially filling just before the price goes up 30 cents per gallon!

Today I topped off with 3/4 of a tank of unleaded regular for $2.82 and filled up my 5 gallon lawn mower ‘jerry jug.’ If the price increases are what they have been … it will have justified the lunchtime fill up. Now if I can only get them to bring B-20 biodiesel to their Ohio locations!


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