Here’s a real estate deal … if you like living with snakes!

Posted By on June 17, 2011

An interesting human/reptile interest story from Rexberg Idaho … not too far from Targhee National Forest, Grand Teton National park and Yellowstone National Park.


Some houses turn into moneys pits, but for one Idaho couple their dream home was a real s-s-s-snake pit.

Ben and Amber Sessions bought the sprawling house for a song in 2009, but when they moved, in they discovered the house was infested with thousands of garter snakes.

The ground outside the home sometime looked like it was moving, and the sound of snakes slithering through the walls kept them awake at night.

"It was like living in one of those horror movies," 31-year-old Ben Sessions said.

Experts said the home was likely built on a winter snake sanctuary – called a hibernaculum – where snakes gather to hibernate for the winter.

Read article it gets better …


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