Donna Lange: Gale winds and Waves

Posted By on February 2, 2007

Donna Lange Google Earth 02/03/2007
Updating the progress from Donna Lange’s online log … per request.

1024UTC 0724local 0430NY 2324NZ
Feb 2,2007 Friday Good Morn hugs!!
It is Warming!! 55*f this morn.
position: 47*41’S 50*33’W
winds: w 30+kn
sp: 5kn COG: 042 Seas: 10′
point of sail: broad reach
sails: 1/3jib
miles sailed: 130nm!
miles to go: 6749nm to RI
585nm to 40s/42W warm
Forecast: This gale will continue through tonight
into tomorrow, abating tomorrow evening. by later
that night there will be backing light winds.
Conditions: temp 55*f; Bar 997;Warmth is Glory.
It is so good to be able to be on deck even in
the gales. I enjoy watching the power of the storms
and the sea. It was just too cold to stay out at
45*f, but at 55*f I can manage until i get really
thoroughly soaked. All good on board. Inspired
Insanity is managing the seas and beating really
well. She is a mighty little ship. It’s rough
below with the confusion of large seas, but i have
managed to get some rest in the rockin in between
wind changes and adjustments. I am feeling really
great. I was realizing yesterday amidst a moment
of complaining that if someone were to ask me at
any moment, serious, what i need, or want, I would
have to say I have so much more than i could possibly
have dreamed. If you were to ask me if I am happy,
I would sob lightly and say that i am the happiest
person i could have dreamed to be. LIfe is GOOD.
I just had the first chat with my mom for a long
time and it was wonderful. i love you mom. Ernie.
big hugs to all, xoxoxo d


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