Fake school closing makes the national news

Posted By on February 11, 2007

Edgewood Schools, Trenton, OH
A local Trenton Ohio school and weather related story made national news this weekend; Trenton is a small town only a few miles away, so it caught my attention. FoxNews reported that two teenage girls posted a fake weather closing last Monday on the Edgewood City Schools website, something Matthew Brodericks’ characters could be seen doing. (Wargames and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) Edgewood City Schools Supt. Tom York said he discovered the posting when he logged on to write his own announcement that school would be delayed for an hour because of an extreme cold snap. “I didn’t make that call and I’m the guy who does, so I knew something was up.”

The two Edgewood high school students, whose names were not released, were charged in juvenile court Friday and face expulsion. The company that runs the website, RCH Networks Inc., said the system was not hacked into because no security breach was detected. Administrators said the girls must have somehow obtained the password. RCH helped the district track down the girls by supplying the identification numbers from computers that accessed the system so that authorities could then track to the girls’ homes. There’s a lesson here for all those would be pranksters … and its not using overseas proxies or public access computers.


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