Keyboard nightmare: What were they thinking?

Posted By on March 17, 2007

Keyboard Change ... Grrr.
Okay … so I just bought a new notebook computer online because my USB ports have gone kaput. BTW … thanks for the tip Nora. The new Gateway NX570XL arrived today and is pretty nice — BUT … what are these people thinking? Swapping the ‘Fn’ and ‘Ctrl’ key positions??? Perhaps others have experience this or read about it online, but I’ve obviously missed this change? I’ve glanced at every keyboard I have in my house whether Mac (yes they have other odd keys) or PC and they are all the small. ‘Ctrl’ key on the left bottom corner. Since I rotate between Mac, PC desktops and my notebook, this going to drive me crazy. Perhaps I should check to see if there is a remapping available. Thoughts anyone?
EDIT: Corrected my model number from NX470XL to NX570XL. Also … starting to remember where the Ctrl key is … but this notebook gets much ‘hotter’ than my old one … and I’m not found of that. I suppose that is why its called a ‘notebook’ and not a ‘laptop?’


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