Volkswagen: Sometimes its the little things

Posted By on March 26, 2007

Volkswagens are often considered a ‘driver’s car,’ a vehicle that most car buyers can afford, unlike many European cars imported to the U.S. The engineering built into these vehicles is exceptional although they are not without their small quirks. Many go unnoticed until well into ownership or only when a problem occurs.

2003 TDI Defog switch

One such quirk, or maybe its was just a pet-peeve of mine, is the outside mirror defog/defrost heat switch, which is often left in the ‘on’ position in VWs. By leaving the switch at the ‘in-between’ setting, the heaters for each door mirror continues to operate even when they are not needed. I’ve met many an owner that leaves the defog/defrost mirror heaters are on. The downside besides the continual electrical drain, is that their lifespan may be shortened if not turned off. (OFF being turned to either the “L” or “R” setting.

Thankfully this problem has been noted by VW engineers and the switch has been change. The new switch offers an ‘off’ position as well as the L (left) and R (right) adjustment … AND a dedicated Defog/Defrost setting. This may only be a ‘small’ improvement but Volkswagens attention to details is appreciated.

2007 GTI Defog Switch



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