Mid-Ohio and Porsche Club of America racing

Posted By on May 20, 2007

Porsche Racing
My good friend Jeff has a contact with Midwestern Eurosports out of Chicago and invited my son and I up to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this past weekend. We had excellent weather and a great time hanging around their 18-wheeler/shop and getting hints into some of the tweaks made to these already great performing cars.

Porsche racingThe Porsche designs are already excellent for the Mid-Ohio track, and the stock cars were pretty equal. Drivers made the difference in the stock class, while a little added horsepower gave a few high end 911s the edge. I was impressed with a couple heavily modified older Porsche 914s that did a sensational job keeping up with their big brothers … it was amazing to see a 2.0 liter modified mid engine 914 keeping up with cars pumping out over 400 horsepower. All in all, our weekend was enjoyable … I think my hearing is finally returning to normal. (adding a video clip when I get it encoded)
914 Porsche


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