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Posted By on May 18, 2007

Joox.netHmm … I’ve yet to figure out how can get away with showing full length, good quality movies over the Internet … but they are. While the site is still functioning, movie going geeks might want to curl up with their significant other (ie. computer), and watch a movie.
If you enjoy movies a little larger, be sure to click the divx ‘full screen’ box rather than watching the movie in a web window. Documentaries and TV programs are offered as well; check out the right sidebar for listings.

Remember you are streaming a significant amount of data so you’ll want to be at a highspeed data connection for this. Coffeeshops and hotels just might not offer the bandwidth to give you the best experience … besides, if you wait for home the others using the share connection will thank you. I generally glance around a WiFi hotspot before running my Slingplayer in ‘video’ mode if I’m really just listening to CNBC or the news. (Hint: sellect audo only under the)
sling box audio only


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