Ever heard of or used Ear Candles?

Posted By on June 2, 2007

Ear candleI’ve suffered from Ménière’s Disease for nearly a decade now, and after a shunt surgically implanted in my middle ear to reduce pressure (NASA astronaut Alan Shepard had this surgery before his moon landing), I have been free from the diziness and vertigo induced nausea. Unfortunately I suffered hearing loss in my right ear and constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears). My point is that I’m pretty well versed on the ear, carrying for them and what options are available ‘at least’ in alternative Ménière’s treatments. So … call me naive when my wife brought home the homeopathic ‘ear candles.’ Huh, what’s are they?

Layman’s thoughts –at least the HarmonyCone supplied beeswax versions: The ‘candles’ are a long fine mesh tubes wrapped with beeswax. The small ‘tip’ end it place gently in one’s ear with a paper place to protect the hair and face from any heat or ash droppings. After lighting the ‘tube’ — ear candle — the ‘flue’ design acts as a gentle chimney as it warms, dries and draws air up the tube (this is from my layman’s perspective). After the candle is nearly down to the semi-protective paper plate (5-10 minutes) the flame is extinguished and one can look inside the remaining candle by cutting it open which in the cases of our four candles revealed an ugly mix of ‘what looks like ear wax’ and a sandy caked powder. Some have suggested that wax and yeast is removed from the ear, but the FAQ on HarmonyCone doesn’t confirm that opinion. I’ll include a photo below and you can be the judge. All in all it was a pleasant experience for about $2.00, but I feel and ear pretty much the same as before. (click for larger photo below)

Inside ear candle


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