Google gobbling Panoramio

Posted By on June 1, 2007

Google Pacman Panoramio
In Google’s continuing growth, they are acquiring the photo sharing company call Panoramio. The acquisition makes perfect sense as it is a content rich way to enhance Google Earth and Google Maps. Panoramio members contribute photos which help highlight locations while using maps or the virtual globe and is an impressive way for Google to enhance their ever improving software. I’ve posted a couple items a few months ago and you can see them here.

Here’s a FAQ page explaining the acquisition.

Panoramio is going to be acquired by Google!

The deal is set to close in about two weeks. We’re excited and we hope you are too! The acquisition will be an overwhelmingly good thing for Panoramio uploaders and viewers alike. Uploaders will get to leverage Google’s reach, increasing the exposure of their photographs to photophiles around the world. Viewers will get to choose from a larger universe of photographs as Panoramio becomes more widely known.


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