DL.TV: Good News, Bad News

Posted By on August 7, 2007

DL.TV on TiVoThe Good: DL.TV is on TiVo (through TiVoCast)
The Bad: Patrick Norton is leaving.
I’m by no means a ‘geek,’ but as the Holiday Inn Express commercial says, I did watch an episode of DL.TV last night.
For those who might have followed the online video trend, you might recognized the Ziff Davis backed DL.TV as a early adopter of distributing their Tech TV programming over the Internet. DL.TV is one of the more professionally produced and consistently published tech oriented programs; its at the top of my list of online vidcasts, or video podcasts.

The DL.TV crew offers computer and technology content in a variety of online formats, which include the higher quality H.264 version for computers (as well as WMV), MP4 for Video iPods and simple much smaller MP3 audio version for listening only. One new format is one that is distributed by TiVoCast, and is the easiest to receive and watch. Of course it requires a TiVo subscription and their DVR box, as well as connection to high speed Internet … but once up and running, it a piece of cake to select “season pass” and have each episode downloaded automatically. Click play and you’re watching DL.TV on the big screen.

Here’s how to subscribe to the free DL.TV episodes with TiVo


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