Biodiesel power: World’s fastest diesel motorcycle

Posted By on September 16, 2007

Fastest Diesel MotorcycleIn keeping with the alternatively powered ‘bikes’ (see KillaCycle), Sunday “The Crucible” industrial arts school in Oakland California raced their biodiesel powered BMW R1150 RT with a BMW 3 series diesel to a new speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The diesel motorcycle ran th two-way average speed of 210.2.03 km/h. Michael Sturtz rode the bike and can be seen in the video below as a way to “demonstrate the capability of bio-diesel and call attention to the need for automotive technology to integrate environmental responsibility with performance.” He commented that his team of volunteers nicknamed “The Diesel Dozen” has proven “that style, speed, and environmental efficiency can come together in one vehicle with more than 210km/h already achieved with only 22 percent of the emissions of a standard diesel engine. We’re not done with this project, we’ve set the bar for other alternative-fuel vehicles to compete in speed tests – and we expect to get more than 250km/h on our next run!”


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