Living with Ed (Begley) – HGTV season two

Posted By on September 17, 2007

Living with EdI enjoyed the entertaining look at living ‘green’ last year when the HGTV program “Living with Ed” premiered. (last year’s post) The program was filled with light husband/wife humor and yet offered educational content aimed at getting each of us thinking about our energy use. Personally speaking, its nice to be informed about how we can use energy more intelligently by someone who lives his life with that in mind, and has for many years. Its refreshing not to have someone lecture me that the ‘sky is falling,’ especially when they seem to have a political agenda and are flying on private jets or living in homes using 20 times that of average homes. Currently Ed Begley’s season two is under way and the program has been visiting Ed’s friends’ homes that are adopting as least a few commonsense energy saving measures. Both he and his wife Rachelle do a cute job of ‘acting’ some marital unrest issues as they attempt new projects around their home or envy those of their friends. Perhaps one of the more comical angles of the program that reappears this season is that of their competitive neighbor … Bill Nye (the Science Guy); he is quite the character.

I’ll post a couple links below … until someone is offended … that can be ‘right click/saved as’ for those who want to view quicktime episodes of the programs after they have aired:

Episode 07 –
Episode 08 –
Episode 09 –
Episode 10 –
Episode 11 –
Episode 12 –
Episode 13 –
Episode 14 –
Episode 15 –
Episode 16 –
Episode 17 –
Episode 18 –


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