Day two: LEHS Homecoming dance

Posted By on October 6, 2007

I didn’t get a chance to post a comment, but my son has a great group of high school friends. A bunch of them got together for photos on Saturday before they senior year Homecoming dance. Have such great kids sure makes being parents of teens less stressful; we are very fortunate. Thinking back, I recall my own teen years and realize just how ‘off-ish’ — or as I would claim, independent — I was with my parents … and for no particular reason. Sorry mom and dad.

Homecoming Gang 2007
According to the group waking up in our basement the next morning, the dance was great. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the evening. Even the couple of new faces invited as dates seemed to fit comfortably into the group. All 20+ friends enjoyed the dinner, dancing and late night/early morning socialization on our back porch. (thanks for being quiet)
Homecoming Morning after.


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