Blog Problems: MySQL server is slow or down

Posted By on November 25, 2007

mysqlIf you have tried to access My Desultory Blog recently, you are no doubt experiencing slow — or “NO” response on my website — Grrr. I’ve been frustrated with my current host for some time now and go round and round with the hope that a ‘cure’ is just around the bend. So far they have not come through.

The issue is a MySQL database problem and although the company I host with has attempted to upgrade the 15 or so servers from MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5 and have improved their hard drives, the machine my data is on is not running smoothly. (nor has it been for a while)

As a reminder, we had previously attempted to upgrade to MySQL 5, but the server did not perform quite as we expected. We had temporarily moved it back to running on MySQL 4.1 while we explored the issue further.

I’m looking into moving my account to a server at my office or to one of the other providers that I’ve use and have little problem with. (see Cirtexhosting)


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