Canon Inkjet Fax repair/replacement

Posted By on December 12, 2007

Canon PrintheadLast week my office inkjet printer and fax died, or so I thought. It was a multi-function unit that tripled as an inkjet printer, fax and scanner — Canon MultiPASS MP730. I spent a few hours cleaning, Googling for tips on how to fix it and eventually ordered a $50+ printhead. I also called a local-ish Canon repair facility but they wanted $75 to look at it. After realizing the downtime, the drive or shipping that I was going to entail and the fact that it was no longer a new model, I decided to look at new simpler products.

Canon, after realizing I was disappointed in their tech support, offered me a voucher to purchase a new machine with free shipping … so I did. This time I bought a one purpose stand alone fax machine that would replace the all-in-one machine.

Fast forward a couple days: The part, that was not available locally, arrived (printhead) as did the new discounted Canon Fax JX200. Since my old machine was still on the desk, I popped in the new part and voilà … the old fax worked fine. Hmm.

So I’m stuck with a new still in box discounted Canon JX200 fax machine … unopened. Any interest …. make an offer before I put it on Ebay or try to return it.
Canon Fax JX200

Advanced Inkjet Print Engine, Plain Paper Convenience.
Fax important documents. Place a call. Copy a report. Now, one machine can simplify your everyday office tasks. Its Automatic Document Feeder holds up to 20 letter-sized pages, and it’s capable of transmitting one page in approx. 6 seconds—reducing your wait time and your phone bill. If you’re out of paper or your line is busy, it can hold up to 60 pages1 in fax memory. Its inkjet print engine produces bold, clear text and graphics, and Ultra-High Quality (UHQ) image processing helps to make your faxes clean and crisp.


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