Temporary LED galley light after removing old fixtures

Posted By on May 7, 2016

LED temp galley lightingDuring our last trip to down to our sailboat Encore, Brenda and I removed the final three tarnished boat lights that were in the galley and over the chart table. The previous lights that we already replace turned out looking good and working out after she gave them the faux verdigris look with paint (a crafty skill learned from my mom). The new look seemed like a great way to get more life out of the old fixtures even if I still need to find “acceptable” LED bulbs for a fair price.

Unfortunately, the missing lights left me in the dark this weekend and so I decided to rig up a spare 12 volt LED fixture. Hm, I think the quality of light is better than the old ones! Perhaps I should rethink putting the old ones back up?


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