Sonex airplane project update for 2007

Posted By on December 14, 2007

Sonex Fuselage
I’ve spend the last several years on and ‘more’ off building parts for my ‘scratch’ built Sonex experimental airplane. (note masthead)
gapRecently a retired friend is lending a hand and is encouraging me to move a bit more aggressively on my project. (thanks John) His experience has been really appreciated, as has the influx of ‘hobby’ dollars due the the sale of my VW TDI a couple months ago. The funds has given me a little extra capital needed to make the move on a few expensive parts: Aerovee engine (two different ones actually), prop, powder coated pre-welded engine mount and hopefully leftover for a Stratomaster Ultra Horizon XL, radio and transponder? Parts are coming together after finally biting the bullet and riveting the wings closed (lots of rivets). Amazingly, when all the aluminum parts were put together this thing starts to look ‘kind of like’ an airplane.

Wing rib bumps
I was really please to see that when wing spars slide into the fuselage that only a single thin shim was need. The leveling process went far better than I expected and although I have the same wing leading edge rib bump as most other builders, I think I’ll be pleased with Nuvite polished aluminum instead of paint; we’ll see?
Wings fit
The tail assembly has come together well, although I did sort of fit those pieces before. Next is to work on the fiberglass tail and horizontal stabilizer tips …
Tail tips
… along with the aluminum gap pieces. (trial and error hand fitted) Who knows, 2008 looks to be shaping up to be an interesting year. I might even be able to at least ‘static’ display something for our EAA chapter 284 Pancake breakfast and Taildragger Fly-In?
Sonex Tail assembly


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